Frequently Asked Questions

There are no upfront fees. We require a deposit (applied as a credit for the 1st month’s invoice) once your coders start working on your project.

We usually invoice our clients once a month, typically at the end of each, though we can offer some flexibility depending on each case. We accept credit card and bank transfer.

Because we are custom-solution focused, that depends on a few factors. For example, the skill set and level of expertise you are looking for, to name a few.


We conduct a discovery call where we create a requisition for your needs, and then present you with a personalized quote for your particular project.


LatAm developers are highly trained and educated. The difference is the cost of living compared to other countries, which represents considerable savings in labour costs.

We guarantee high quality on each part of our service and the coders’ skills. If you’re not satisfied with a coder’s work, we will work to make things right and will replace the coder with no extra charge for you. In that case, we ask you to provide us with details about the decision and a 30-day notice for us to guarantee the coder’s replacement success.

We carefully evaluate our coders through rigorous filters including language, skills and values to ensure the perfect fit for your project. Our screening process involves measurement and testing of English language and communication skills, domain expertise, industry experience, soft skills and personal values.


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We use the best sourcing and recruiting tools available, and we have a vast candidate database of coders ready to jump into your project. Our Sourcing & Recruiting team is in charge of this part of the process to ensure you get the perfect fit of coders.

Today’s digital, fast-paced global economy, businesses need to adapt to new circumstances faster than ever before. The ever changing economic environment requires highly agile processes, flexibility and decision making for companies to survive and succeed. 


Companies with access to our coders talent pool have 3x more operating advantages than those without. Access to highly qualified coders is the key to agility in today’s global economy, yet many companies don’t have the resources needed to find, vet, and hire the coders they need to keep growing. Our mission is to make this process more accessible and affordable for organizations. 


We are a one-stop IT Staffing agency specialized in increasing your company’s capabilities by connecting you with Top LatAm coders through our Business Scaling Process. Remote work is the new normal and your business needs to take advantage of it. The key is knowing how and where to find, hire and manage the right professionals when you need them.


See how Our Process works here.

We’re a team physically located in Canada and Mexico, which makes the perfect scenario for both us and our clients to connect them with top LatAm coders and grow together.


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While we have LatAm-wide coverage, we’re strongly focused on the main IT hubs, such as Mexico, Colombia and Argentina. The LatAm region shows very high levels of competitiveness, global perspective and business capabilities. 


Key Advantages:


  • Full workday overlap with North American time zones to facilitate real-time collaboration
  • Excellent English language proficiency
  • Cultural similarities and familiarity with clients
  • Robust IT talent pools

We recommend using the tools you normally use within your company. Other than that, it can be via email, Slack or similar options. The bottom line is that you can feel as comfortable and secure to communicate with your coders as you do with your internal team.

The client. Simple as that. CodersNow’s business is connecting North American companies with LatAm coders, not intellectual property.

We conduct Service Agreements, NDAs and any documents you may need to ensure you feel comfortable about the work our coders create for your projects.


CodersNow gets exclusive ownership of the work created by the coders working with you. We then provide you with the IP for the work that the coders create for you under our client service agreement. This simple, pass-through arrangement typically works very well for our clients. However, if you would like the coders to also enter into a direct NDA agreement with you, we can work with you to ensure that your needs are met, no problem.