About Us.

We are a one-stop IT Staffing agency specialized in increasing your company’s capabilities by connecting you with Top LatAm coders. Remote work is the new normal and your business needs to take advantage of it. The key is knowing how and where to find the right professionals when you need them.

We know
our stuff.

We’re an agile team based in Canada and Mexico, consisting of highly driven professionals. Each with 8+ years experience in the IT and Staffing industry, we are committed to providing expertise, innovation and advice for your business staffing and outsourcing needs.

Today’s digital, fast-paced global economy, businesses need to adapt to new circumstances faster than ever before. The ever changing economic environment requires highly agile processes, flexibility and decision making for companies to survive and succeed.

Companies with access to our coders talent pool have 3x more operating advantages than those without. Access to highly qualified coders is the key to agility in today’s global economy, yet many companies don’t have the resources needed to find, vet, and hire the coders they need to keep growing. Our mission is to make this process more accessible and affordable for organizations.

Challenge provides opportunity.

Our Mission

To connect the best IT businesses and professionals without barriers. We believe that a global economy can boost the IT industry at a large scale through collaboration and trust, positively contributing to its growth.

Our Mission
Our Vision

Our Vision

To be a key business partner accelerating the IT industry’s growth in North America by connecting Tech companies with the best IT professionals in LatAm.

Our Focus

To deliver customized, financially-viable IT Staffing solutions boosting North America’s fast-growing IT industry.

Our Focus

Our Values



Be agile and embrace constant change- It’s essential to thrive.



Bring your unique personality into everything you do.



Be curious. Develop new ideas and ways of thinking. Collaborate.



The future of tech is human. Build and maintain strong relationships.

Leadership Team.

Jaime Trevino

Co-Founder, CEO

Jaime is a Toronto-based serial entrepreneur with an MBA and a background in IT Staffing. Having worked in the industry with global and small companies alike for the past decade, Jaime knows how to maximize the impact of CodersNow’s solutions. He’s responsible for the business’ strategy, growth, and overall success.

David Garcia

Co-Founder, COO

David is a business expert with 10+ years experience in the IT industry at a multi-country scale. Based in Monterrey Mexico, David’s expertise in IT Staffing is key for us to deliver high quality solutions. He is responsible for the operations at CodersNow, from project kickoff to continued growth and success of our clients, and beyond.

Brenda Michel

Tech Consultant

Brenda is our technical consultant, in charge of validating the strategy, scope and attainability of our clients’ outsourcing projects.  Based in Mexico City and with over 15 years experience in the Tech Industry, she is the go-to when talking about technology in CodersNow.

Mariana Cantu

Customer Success

Mariana’s expertise is key for CodersNow, as she’s responsible for making sure our clients are completely satisfied and comfortable while working with us, enabling driven and lasting business relationships. 

Anthony McGregor

Sourcing Manager

When it comes to attracting the best tech talent in LatAm, Anthony is our expert. He has 10+ years experience in the Sourcing & Recruitment area over several countries, greatly contributing to our Americas-wide scope.

Suzy Coelho

Business Development

Suzy is our head of Business Development. Her focus is to help CodersNow grow in the ways it should. She has a strong background in IT sales, having worked for multi national companies for the last 8+ years and now boosting our company.